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23 Jun 2014

Display % Value in Pie Chart – Jaspersoft Studio

In this topic I am going to show you how to achieve the following custom formatting of data labels in a pie chart using Jaspersoft Studio. 1) How to Show Data Labels. 2) How to Show % Values using Jaspersoft Studio. 3) How to display % value using a Customizer 4) How to display the Labels within the slice using […]

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18 Jun 2014

Creating Your First Report !!!

In this blog, i will briefly touch upon the steps to create a report in Jaspersoft Studio. I will be using this Report to explain all the workarounds I will be posting in future. Lets Get Started. Prelude : Jaspersoft Studio can create report from any database connection. The Image below shows different data source connections available in JS Studio. […]

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