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Jaspersoft Studio
This section of blogs contain all the workarounds and do hows on Jaspersoft Studio Community version.
Talend Open Studio
Talend is most sort after open source ETL tool in the market. This section is for my dive into this ocean
How can I not have a section for Music in my site. I will post all the work I have been part of in this section.
Arduino & IoT
My new found passion. Have a long way to go. Read more for few work I have done in this category.

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Display Total On Each Column Of Stacked Bar In jaspersoft (With Customizer Class Approach)

Create a Stacked Bar with “Total” Value displaying on top of each Bar Important Requirements : 1)      A Query with the required Total Values available as a Column. 2)      A Java Code to customize a Line Chart. Procedure : 1) Create a Report in…