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Report Bursting In Jasperserver



1) In Jasperserver 6.0.1 Pro edition, the Report bursting is provided inbox. (As earlier this was an out of the box functionality using Jaspersoft ETL).

2) The step by step approach to achieve this is as follows.
a. Stop Jasperserver


b. Navigate to the following link


Update the file with information colored in yellow


c. The Information updated by me to send the email from my gmail account are as follows


d. Start the Jasper Server Instance as shown in step a

e. Login to Jasperserver with credentials.


f. Go to any report and schedule the report.


g. Click Create Schedule on the top
h. Schedule it for whatever date you need and recurrence details. For this tutorial purpose I will say “Immediate”


i. Click on Output Options on the top right corner and select the output format details. For this example, I have selected pdf


j. Select Notifications from Top Right Corner and provide details of the recipient. Also select Report file as attachment as shown below


k. Save the Job by providing a name.

3) Once the Job runs, Check your email for the report.


Hence the Report Bursting is achieved.

4 Comments so far:

  1. sadakar says:

    Nice work out ..

    Thank you 🙂

  2. Robert Cook says:

    Not sure based on this example how this is any different then just scheduling a report normally via JRS. Bursting in my mind means the user can define a single schedule that will distribute (burst) outputs to different individuals with separate parameters defined. I am not seeing that in the example about so wanted to make sure I’m not missing something.

    • rajeshsirsikar says:

      Hi Robert,

      Sorry for the late response. You have a valid point here and I am sorry I missed it in the explanation.
      Basically in Point No h. where we select the recurrence details. On the top right side, there is a tab called “Parameters”. If your report has defined parameters present, you can specify the parameter values for this specific schedule.

      Rajesh S

  3. Manoj says:

    Robert is right, this feature has been present since a long time in JRS along with parameters. Bursting implies dynamic recipients with corresponding parameters, not hard coded ones. For example, all customers whose addresses are stored in a db will receive personalized account statements. That is what Talend or Pentaho etl is used for, not this simple type of scheduling.

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