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My Experiment with Jaspersoft Studio



studio_logo I bumped into this BI tool after working on SAP Business Objects XI R3 to 3.2. Unavailability of some of the basic functionality of BI Reporting tool in Jaspersoft Studio fascinated me and I started to create workarounds. This continuous struggle to create workarounds for some of the functions made me realize I need to spread it to the world so that more people can be benefited. Hence this Blog!!!! I will be posting some of the workarounds in this blog and will not be dwelling into the basics of report building. If you have any questions regarding Jaspersoft Studio please leave a comment and I shall get back to you with a detailed explanation. Thank you All!!!!

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  1. Ajinkya Chopde says:

    Thanks for the great effort, I also came to jaspersoft after worked on BO 3.1 and 4.0 also face many situations where direct solution not possible and need to perform workarounds. Many of the workarounds i could able to do which provides same features as BO provide. But still having lots of doubts in dashboard and domain based adhoc report. I will ask ypu some of the doubts soon.
    Thanks for the knowledge base.


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