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In this tutorial, I will show you how to use “Ignore Pagination” for your use.

1) Consider you have a report with column data running into multiple pages (For demo purpose I created a simple Report with 3 fields. The design and the result preview are as below)

IP Img 1

2) Note that the data is split across 27 pages.

IP Img 2

3) Now Go back to Design view and Click on the bottom part (Just below Summary Tab) to display the Report Properties window.By default “Appearance” tab will be selected. Now select the Report Tab.

IP Img 4

4) Under the Report Tab click “Ignore Pagination” Checkbox

IP Img 3

5) Now Preview the Report. What??? The Pages are still showing as 27. Lets do one thing. we will close the report and Reopen it.

6) There we go!!! Now the data is getting displayed in one page.

IP Img 5

7) Lets Rerun this Report for testing purpose.WHAT??? This is crazy, the report is showing 27 pages again although “Ignore Pagination” is checked.

IP Img 6

8) This is because the report engine considers the ignore pagination only at the first instance of the report execution( at runtime). For you to make the report to always ignore the pagination at the report level, we need to apply Report level parameter “IS IGNORE PAGINATION” to true

IP Img 7

This update will make sure every time the report is executed, it checks for pagination and since the parameter is true , it rejects pagination and displays all data in one long page.

9) There is another alternate way to do the same. This doesnot require you to provide any value to the report parameter. This needs the Project preferences to be changed.

10) In Jaspersoft Studio Go to Window–>Preferences–>Jaspersoft Studio–>Report Execution and check Ignore Pagination. This will set Ignore pagination at the Jaspersoft Studio Level.

IP Img 8

11) Now in the Project Explorere window, right click on your report and click Properties. Then go to Report Execution. This by default will be in “Use Workspace Settings”. Click on “Configure Workspace settings” and check whether Ignore pagination is clicked. If yes then execute the report by exiting all teh window. If no then click the checkbox, exit the window and rerun the report.

This will also keep the Studio from paginating your report.

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