Hello All!!!
Was bit busy with my work and could not find much time to do this. But this made me write this blog.

This is a simple step by step explanation to create a cross tab report.

1) For this tutorial, I have created a simple .csv file with the test data provided by the person who has asked teh question.


2) Create a report. Drag the Cross Tab from Pallete and add it on to a summary section.(As you know the Tables, Lists, CrossTab and Charts work best in Summary band or Title band).


3) Since the requirement id to display (G1, G2…) in column, we will select Field2 as column field


4) And X1, X2…as Row field, so will use Field3 as row field.


5) Then For Data Field, we will use Field4 and this time, change the default function from “Count” to “Nothing”, as the requirement is to display teh data directly.


6) Click Next button and click Finish.


7) Re-size the Cross-tab section and click preview to get the data as required.