Even though the recent version of Jaspersoft Studio Community Edition has a JDBC Driver selection for Redshift, the connection doesnot work as the Driver is a Tibco driver and is available only in full version.

So there should be a way to connect to Redshift Cluster using Jaspersoft studio’s community version, and I started to look into the possibilities. I found the solution in half day and it was simple and effective.

I have mentioned the steps below for you to achieve the same.

1) Download the redshift jdbc driver from the below path

JDBC 4.1–compatible driver: https://s3.amazonaws.com/redshift-downloads/drivers/RedshiftJDBC41-

2) Open Jaspersoft Studio Community edition, Create new Data Adapter, In the wizard window select “Database JDBC Connection”


3) In the new window Type following atteributes

a) Name : Any name suitable for your connection.
b) JDBC Driver : com.amazon.redshift.jdbc41.Driver
c) JDBC URL : The JDBC URL in the AWS Redshift Cluster window.
d) Username : Your Username
e) Password : Your password.


4) Then Click on “Driver Classpath” Tab

5) Click Add and browse and add teh driver .jar file you downloaded from above step.

6) Test Connection


Thats it. Now we have created the redshift connection using jaspersoft studio community edition.