1) Create a Report using the same Query we used in my blog “Display Total On Each Column Of Stacked Bar In jaspersoft (Direct Approach)”

2) Delete all Bands except Title and Summary.

3) Drag and Drop Chart from the Palette and select Pie Chart.

4) Use the Value and Key parameter as follows.


5) Preview teh Report and the Report should look like this.


6) Now to Display the % Value instead of the Country Name (Outside the Slice) Then Please check the Blog “Display % Value in Pie Chart – Jaspersoft Studio”

7) To display the % Value inside the slice, we will use a “Customizer Class”. The jar file is free for your download. Please download this “.JAR” and add the Jar file into your report as explained in “Customizer Class Blog”

8) Then When you preview the Report. it will look like below.