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Creating Report Using JSON file with Parameter – Jaspersoft Studio



Hey guys!!

Sorry for the silence for sometime…But I am back with a new post about creating a Report using JSON File and a parameter in Jaspersoft Studio.

1) In my earlier post I had briefed the step by step procedure to create a Report using JSON file. Please refer to the same to understand

How to create the JSON Datasource using the JSON file.

How to select JSON as the report query.

2) The JSON File I will be using to demonstrate the parameterized report will be here


3) In my JSON file (Northwind.json) there are two main Groups (Customers and Orders). I have selected Customers group for this demo.

4) Once the Datasource is created and a report query as json is selected, with blank query create the report. (This means that you have no Fields created by Jaspersoft Studio).

5) Now as per the JSON file, under Customer group create the Fields Manually.


6) Once all the fields are created, Create the parameter “Country”.


7) Now go to the query window and type “Northwind.Customers(Country == $P{Country})”


8) Click Ok.

9) Select all teh fields and drag it on to the Detail section and click Preview.jsonparam4

10) This would give you an option to provide the parameter value. I have provided the value as Poland to fetch only Poland Data.


11) Then Changed the parameter to “Germany” and fetched only Germany Data.


This is how to create a report in Jaspersoft studio using JSON file and a parameter.

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