Creating Report Using JSON file with Parameter – Jaspersoft Studio

Hey guys!! Sorry for the silence for sometime…But I am back with a new post about creating a Report using JSON File and a parameter in Jaspersoft Studio. 1) In my earlier post I had briefed the step by step procedure to create a Report using JSON file. Please refer to the same to understand […]

Subtract Current Value from Previous Value in Jaspersoft Studio

To Create a Variable which Subtracts the Current Row Value from Previous Row Value of teh same column, please follow the below steps. 1) Create a Variable “Previous_Value” and add $V{Current_Value} as the expression. This will Give a Invalid error as the Current_Value field is not created yet. 2) Create Current_Value Field and ass your […]

Report Bursting In Jasperserver

1) In Jasperserver 6.0.1 Pro edition, the Report bursting is provided inbox. (As earlier this was an out of the box functionality using Jaspersoft ETL). 2) The step by step approach to achieve this is as follows. a. Stop Jasperserver b. Navigate to the following link C:\Jaspersoft\jasperreports-server-your-version\apache-tomcat\webapps\jasperserver-pro\WEB-INF\ Update the file with information colored in yellow […]

Creating Running Total in Jaspersoft Studio

Came across this Question :¬† in Jaspersoft Community and worked on it for one day to get the result. The requirement here is to add or subtract the values from 2 different columns based on whether they are from input column or output column and then the total has to be a running total. This […]