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This section of blogs contain all the workarounds and do hows on Jaspersoft Studio Community version.
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Talend is most sort after open source ETL tool in the market. This section is for my dive into this ocean
How can I not have a section for Music in my site. I will post all the work I have been part of in this section.
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My new found passion. Have a long way to go. Read more for few work I have done in this category.

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Talend BD – Using Googledrive Components

Hi All, Find detailed post about steps to be taken to create a connection to your google drive using Talend. 1. Obtain access token to your google drive account. a. Go to Google API Console b. Create a new project, by clicking the…

Load Data

In this final section we look at the data load. Here we will use the same tUnpivot row component to transpose the actual row data into columns and assign the column values from the column_config file. In this we will use the same…

Manage Order

This section is direct extraction from Bekwam Blog Here we will assign the value of primary columns to a HashMap object called fieldname. Input file is the same input file from tFileList tJaveRow has the code to assign values. The code is as…


This section is where we need to transpose the row structure of the config file to columns so that we can use it as a lookup table later. We use tFile delimited with Column values ranging from Column0 to ColumnN with a key column added…

Create Column Mapping

In this section we will use the Limit property of tInputFileDelimited component and fetch only the column headers. then will load this into a file Set up of input file is as below. The key point to note here is the Limit option.…

Dynamic Schema in Talend Open Studio

This week got a request from one of my client to process over 100 csv files into one master file with a unique schema using TOS. There were multiple challenges. The schema of each file were different. These files were placed in different…

LED Matrix Display – Big Font using MAX7219 and ESP8266

This blog is to explain how I achieved scrolling text on 2 zone FC16 display module (MAX7219) with Big Font and customizable text using a web page. I have used Parola library and the example code provided in it. Click here to download the Library.…

Blue Planet II (Rescore)

  Inspired by the visual treat of Blue Planet II series by BBC. We have created this re-score.

Incremental Load – Talend Open Studio – Part 1

In a Datawarehouse setup, the quintessential decision needs to be taken is how to load the data. There are couple of standard ways in DW Full Load : Where the complete set of data will be loaded into DW table from source table…