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23 Jun 2014

Customizer Class – Jaspersoft Studio

Customizer Classes are the Java Classes which can be used to implement or change the appearance and properties of Charts. Jaspersoft Studio uses Jfree chart APIs to build charts and by using Customizer code, we can extend the functionality and appearance of these charts to our needs. In this section I am going to explain how we can use a […]

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23 Jun 2014

Display % Value in Pie Chart – Jaspersoft Studio

In this topic I am going to show you how to achieve the following custom formatting of data labels in a pie chart using Jaspersoft Studio. 1) How to Show Data Labels. 2) How to Show % Values using Jaspersoft Studio. 3) How to display % value using a Customizer 4) How to display the Labels within the slice using […]

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18 Jun 2014

Create a SQL Server Database Connection – Local

In this post I will be sharing the Step by step Procedure to Create a SQL Server database Connection with Common Error messages and steps to troubleshoot them. I will be explaining the steps assuming you are working on your local system and not on client network. I will provide the steps for client connection in another post. To Create […]

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18 Jun 2014

My Experiment with Jaspersoft Studio

I bumped into this BI tool after working on SAP Business Objects XI R3 to 3.2. Unavailability of some of the basic functionality of BI Reporting tool in Jaspersoft Studio fascinated me and I started to create workarounds. This continuous struggle to create workarounds for some of the functions made me realize I need to spread it to the world […]

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18 Jun 2014

Creating Your First Report !!!

In this blog, i will briefly touch upon the steps to create a report in Jaspersoft Studio. I will be using this Report to explain all the workarounds I will be posting in future. Lets Get Started. Prelude : Jaspersoft Studio can create report from any database connection. The Image below shows different data source connections available in JS Studio. […]

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